The buyer must check the object of purchase upon delivery / handover. Any defects must be reported by telephone or in writing within three days. DaugaArt GmbH does not respond to late notifications of defects. Any defect does not entitle the buyer to withhold payment of the purchase price. The guarantee period begins when the object of purchase is handed over and is two years from the date of purchase and is not extended by a further 2 years in the event of a replacement. The guarantee does not cover breakage of glass and lenses or damage to metal, cables, lamps and ballasts caused by wear and tear or water ingress. Wear and tear that occurs during use is product-specific and does not constitute a defect and therefore does not give rise to any warranty claims. Differences in color and structure are material-related and are accepted by the buyer. Damage caused by wear and tear, aging and improper handling is excluded from the guarantee. If you carry out your own repairs, have the repairs carried out by a third party or if you disregard the instructions of DaugaArt GmbH, the right to warranty service will be forfeited. DaugaArt GmbH is entitled to make improvements (repairs) or a replacement delivery at its own discretion. Rescission, reduction, rescission and all further claims for damages on the part of the buyer are excluded in this case. With the purchase, the buyer accepts that these are handmade products that may have small errors or color deviations. These are not considered product defects.